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Salt Water Pool Marketing

How do you stand out in an industry like “Salt Water Pools” filled with choices, abundant misinformation, and marketing that often does not represent the truth in the products or services being marketed? Such might be said of the pool industry, and it’s marketing of products like “Salt Water Pool Sanitation Systems.” In fact, many ill-informed consumers are duped into this popular pool system without ever realizing the reality of the system, what it takes to maintain it, what it will cost, and whether it will serve their needs or not.

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Shady Charlatans and Salesman?

So, is this the fault of shady pool builders and slick salesman? Well yes, and no. While it is true there are many shady individuals you will find in any industry quick to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes just to make a sale, there is a lot of just plain misunderstanding about salt water pool systems among consumers, and even pool builders in the industry that compounds the problems.


Consumers Beware

The fact that any consumer needs to be aware of before making any buying decision is to do their homework first. Get online and search out reviews about this equipment, problems with salt water pools, complaints, etc. concerning the products or services they are interested in before taking the plunge.


Get the Facts About Salt-Water Pools

For instance, when it comes to salt water pool systems it is important to learn how these systems work before making a buying decision. Many pool owners are shocked to find out for instance that their salt water pool system is not chlorine free. Others are shocked to find out that though they may be saving money initially on chemical chlorine costs, the added pumping and filtering costs to generate the necessary sanitizing chlorine for their pool can quickly offset the savings making it a break-even venture for some. Add to this that there is potential dangers and damage to pools and equipment that can come from the corrosive nature of salt in the pool and the benefits of these systems from a purely economic standpoint may be mute. The point is to get the facts straight first before you buy.

Salt Pool Miss-Marketing

When we look at the above-mentioned drawbacks, we quickly can see through some of the miss-marketing information circulating in the industry that just isn’t accurate. There are some systems out there like The Chlorine Genie Salt Water Pool System that do offer these advantages but most of the standard systems on the market all fall to the above problems, without proper methods to solve them.

The Chlorine Genie’s Marketing

The Chlorine Genie System does an excellent job of marketing the problems, benefits, and solutions common with saltwater pool systems, and provides a solution based on facts, data, and observations gleaned from more than 40 years in the pool industry. This is good ethical marketing.



Salt Water Pool Benefits

So, what are the advantages that can be ethically marketed as advantages of the salt-water pool system? Again, it depends on the system, and it depends on ethically representing the strengths of the system and being honest about the drawbacks.

The Swimming Experience

Most salt water pool systems offer a swimming experience as far as comfort of the water that is far superior to standard chlorinated pools. This is a true benefit of salt water systems. Using salt to generate pure chlorine products without the irritating stabilizers, conditioners, etc. that irritate a lot of people and that can have detrimental health effects can be a real benefit. Systems like the Genie can provide the savings other salt water systems only allude to. Again, ethical standards, representing the facts accurately, describing benefits of salt water pools versus drawbacks is the clear way to win.

Concerned About Salt Water System Sales?


With this kind of ethical standard, you may sell fewer systems overall, but customer satisfaction and trust should be the main consideration when it comes to presenting your offerings to the public which will more than make up for itself in long-term business and customer loyalty.



Is Salt Water Chlorination Right for You?

Salt water pool systems can be excellent for the right pool owners, and systems like the Chlorine Genie can take it one step closer to bridging the gap and solving the large problems with salt water pool systems and marketing in the industry. You don’t have to dig too far to see the difference in the mainstream salt-water pool marketing scheme and what Chlorine Genie is doing. Let’s hope the rest of the industry either catches on or gets behind products like the Genie and lifts them up to the position they belong in the scheme of things.